What we expect from you: 

  • To care enough about our product to want to see it through to the end
  • No need for a formal diploma; the ability to learn on the fly and adapt is much more important than your educational past
  • Constant engagement with the back-end part of development, in order to ensure that all progress is done in tandem
  • Familiarity with a few Agile practices as they apply to software development
  • Fluency in Sass and EmberJS 2.0+
  • Active participation in creating and enhancing the user experience of our product
  • The ability to craft high quality mark-ups that improve the usability and look-and-feel of the interface


What we provide: 

  • A pleasant working environment based on camaraderie and mutual openness
  • A good salary to keep you motivated
  • Complementary morning starters and lunch
  • Some after-work R&R at a nearby swimming pool, replete with swimming lessons for those in need
  • High job security due to the long-term implications of the project

e-mail: dcg@dcg.ro

Phone number: 0737 600 044